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Travel management open house times

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Posted 08 July 2016 - 07:12 AM

Sent my personal comments in, sent Eldorado Dust Devils comments in, and sent official WOHVA comments in.

Great job guys!

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Posted 08 July 2016 - 10:58 AM

My personal comments are in...


July 6, 2016

RE:  Motorized Travel Management #46467

If my choices were limited to only these 3 options, I would select Alternative D.  However, I want to point out that the alternatives do not properly address all of the issues.  My concerns are as follows:

WATV Access – The 350 miles of roads in the proposals falls short of what is needed.  This still restricts access to many areas and makes it hard for the individual to really understand where they can or cannot legally travel. I feel WATVs should have access to ALL of the open FS roads. This would prevent confusion, attract more users, simplify enforcement, and make for a better user experience. An ATV travelling down a FS road has no more impact than a street legal passenger vehicle.  WATV access represents a growing number of users that are giving the local communities a much needed economic boost (vehicle purchases, licensing fees, fuel, parts, groceries etc) and should be embraced accordingly.  Specifically, allowing OHVs to drive directly down to Whistling Jacks for food & fuel would provide a huge boost to the local economy and help to improve the OHV user experience.

Road Closures- If the cost to maintain roads is a concern, I would like to see some roads converted to trail instead of access being blocked.  Level 1 Roads create loop routes that often times connect trails together.  OHVs don’t need pristine gravel roads.  Creating these loop routes not only adds to the total quality recreation experience in our forests, but helps reduce traffic off of the main routes.  

OHV User Experience – I would like to see the OHV user experience improved.  There should be more opportunities to legally drive from your campsite, up the FS road & access the trail.  As it stands now, with the way most campgrounds are placed in the forest, users are forced to trailer their vehicles from their campsite to the trail head, then unload and go from there. The trailheads are not set up for this type of traffic or parking.  As an example, a user camping at Crow Creek or Long Meadow should be able to leave camp, drive directly to the Kaner Trail (676) and not be hassled for not having a perfectly street legal rig (mudflaps, mirrors, tires sticking out, doors pulled off) when they leave camp, cross FS1900 & start up FS1901/1903.  While this equipment is necessary for traveling down HWY410, it should not be mandatory to access the trails.

Corridors and Dispersed Camping – We need to have more room for users to spread out and minimize the impact to the landscape.  Shoving everyone into only a couple campgrounds will create unnecessary resource & user conflicts.  FS1900 should be a corridor.  South Fork Tieton should be a corridor.  Bumping River Road should be a corridor.  While it doesn’t apply to me, I support access for disabled OHV users.  How will removing these corridors impact their ability to experience the forest?

Cross Country Travel – Even though it has been legal in the past, my friends & family follow Tread Lightly principals and have stuck to the established trails.  I appreciate that Funny Rocks & Moon Rocks will remain an open play area.  However, I think there is opportunity for additional areas to be added.  Many areas on the ridge tops are covered in boulder fields.  Driving across these would have zero impact to resources.  I think 4W309 (String Trail) is a good example of where the trail winds through the open boulders.  It also seems like a double standard to ban cross country travel, but then allow an area to be logged.  Please revisit the trails and add additional open areas to the plan.

Over The Snow Opportunity for Wheeled Vehicles – We need more areas open to wheeled vehicles for over the snow opportunities.  If the ground is covered in snow, there will be zero impact.  This could include roads, trails and/or cross country travel where it makes sense.

Road Maintenance Plan- Roads of all maintenance levels have seen significant annual damage from nature.  Heavy storms have caused flooding, knocked down trees and washed out roads.  There has to be a plan as to how, and when these repairs will be made. In the past, some repairs took too long to complete.  I would like to see the FS take quicker action to restore access to these roads & trails.

Current USFS Trails- I noticed that some system trails in the Naches Ranger District are missing from the maps. These are current & legal USFS numbered trails.  I’m sure it is just an oversight, but this is something that should be corrected.

Ability to Submit Comments – The website experienced significant technical difficulty during the short 30 day comment period.  I recommend extending the comment period to allow users adequate time to submit their comments.

Mixed Use Trails - I’d like to point out that OHV users have always embraced a mixed use approach to recreation.  It is truly sad to read so many comments from the non-motorized side of things that want the forest all to themselves.  It is short sighted and selfish.  If they want a quiet experience in the woods, I strongly encourage them to visit the thousands of acres of wilderness available to them right now.  There is room for everyone to play…let’s work together to find an approach that works.

I appreciate all the hard work that the FS teams have invested and look forward to a plan that shows strong support for OHV users in the forest!

Bryan Peterson

Washington Off Highway Vehicle Alliance (WOHVA)
Eldorado Dust Devils 4x4 Club
PNWJeep Club

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Posted 08 July 2016 - 11:05 AM

Click HERE to read up on the plan.

Click HERE to submit comments.